THE Beans

After carefully sampling far too much coffee within far too small of a time period, (the kind of caffeine kick that had one almost certain that one could read two pages of Anna Karenina simultaneously), we decided on Revel Coffee Roasters from Billings, MT for our coffee and espresso beans.  Gary, the roasting man, confesses to listening to his beans, thereby achieving optimal roasting times for specific varietals.  We like that he talks to beans.  We also like that his Kenya Kabare, (which, naturally, we will be serving at Oro Fino), just earned a 96 from Coffee Review: this is no small feat.

Of the delicious Kabare, Coffee Review says:

“Delicate, subtle, intricately vibrant. Honey, strawberry guava, lilac, roasted cacao nib, fine musk in aroma and cup. Buoyant, juicy acidity; lush, velvety mouthfeel. The finish is distinctive in its richly drying, yet flavor-saturated originality. All of the aroma and flavor notes from the cup are sustained in the short finish, and strawberry guava and lilac, in particular, persist far into the very long.”